Code of Ethics

Here is a summary of our Code of Ethics. For a full version please click the link below.

The following is a summary of the guidelines by which we conduct the art and practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

Ethical standards incorporate such values as integrity, competence, confidentiality and responsibility. We accept responsibility to clients, to the Institute of Psychosynthesis and to ourselves.

We respect the dignity and worth of human beings and their ultimate right to self-determination, whilst having regard to the interests of others. We accept responsibility to encourage and support the self-development of the client within the client’s network of relationships.

We respect our clients as individuals working towards autonomy and thus growing in their ability to make decisions and changes in the light of their own beliefs, values and experience.

The client’s interest is paramount and, where there is a conflict of responsibilities, we have to use our considered judgment. We are responsible for the observation of the principles inherent in our Code of Ethics and use the Code as the basis of good practice rather than a set of minimal requirements.

The Code of Ethics covers the following –

  • Professional responsibility
  • Professional competence
  • Confidentiality
  • Exploitation
  • Respect for medical conditions
  • Legal proceedings
  • Boundaries
  • Conflicts of loyalty
  • Social and ethical responsibility

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